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About Us

Q: Who are you? 
A: We are an organization of professionals with a blend of real world experience and academic expertise spanning various disciplines that helps customers in government, business, and the non-profit sector create solutions to everyday business issues and problems.

Q: What are some examples of your areas of expertise? 
A: Our primary areas of expertise are:

  • Organizational Development and Learning Solutions
  • Applied Research and Program Evaluation
  • Economic Public Policy Research
  • Training (government and corporate)
  • Workforce Development
  • Pre K-16 education, including Head Start and early childhood education
  • Civic Education and International Programs

Q: How are you funded?
A: The Institute is funded by grants, contracts, and fees generated by the services we provide.

Q: What is the UMass President's Office Federally Negotiated Facilities and Administration (F&A) Rate?
A: UMass President's Office Federally Negotiated F&A Rate:

  • On-Campus: 26%
  • OFF-Campus: 24%
  • Effective Dates: 7/1/14 to 6/30/17
  • Type: Predetermined

Other useful information:
DUNS/CAGE Codes:        010761851/3H9S9
TIN:                              043167352
Legal Name:                  University of Massachusetts
Checks Payable to:         University of Massachusetts
Checks mail to:              100 Venture Way, Suite 9
                                    Hadley, MA  01035
Authorized Signatory:     J. Lynn Griesemer
Title for UMDI:               Executive Director
Title for other PO activities:  Associate VP for Economic Development
Financial Officer:            Carol Anne McGowan

View the UMass President's Office Federally Negotiated Facitlities and Administration rate here.

Q: What is your role within the UMass system?
A: We are part of the UMass President’s Office and report to the University’s Vice-President for Economic Development. We work with faculty and staff from all five UMass campuses, bridging the gap between academic theory and real world business applications. 

Q: What are some examples of your projects or programs? 
A: The following are just a few examples of the types of programs and projects we sponsor:

  • We manage MassBenchmarks, the quarterly review of economic news and insight – in partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.
  • Over the years, we have been one of the largest providers of training programs for Massachusetts state employees. We developed the Future Leaders Institute, a management development program for those interested in becoming managers in the public sector. Since 1997, we have trained more than 50,000 Department of Defense employees via our financial management courses
  • We provide technical assistance to Head Start agencies throughout New England.
  • Our Civic Initiative brings scholars and students worldwide to our campus to learn about democracy and American civic education.
  • We are home to the Massachusetts State Data Center.
  • Since 1994, we have hosted the Academy for New Legislators, a three day orientation and training session that prepares Massachusetts legislators for their responsibilities.
  • We have evaluated programs for the National Cancer Institute in support of their goals to improve the dissemination of cancer research and increase the rates at which findings are implemented into clinical care.

Visit the Services area of this website for more examples of projects in each of our areas of expertise.

Q: Are you pre-qualified to do work with both the state of Massachusetts and the Federal Government?
A: Yes to both. We are one of a few Universities federally pre-qualified by the U.S. General Services Administration to offer the following services to federal agencies without these agencies having to go out to bid:

  • Consulting Special Item Number (SIN) 874-1
  • Survey Services SIN 874-3

Learn more about our GSA pre-qualification.

In addition, we are pre-qualified with the State of Massachusetts to provide Management Consultant, Program Coordination, and Planning Services through statewide contract PRF46 and to provide Training Services through statewide contract PRF51. These statewide contracts allow state agencies to directly contract with the UMass Donahue Institute for services without going out to formal bid.

Q: What size organization are you most comfortable working with?
A: Any size. Our customers include small non-profit organizations and large corporations; medium-sized cities and large federal agencies; small school districts and statewide associations.

Q: Where is your office located?
A: We have multiple locations across Massachusetts.

Q: How can I contact you for more information?
A: You can call (413) 545-0001 or email Our address is: UMass Donahue Institute, 100 Venture Way, Suite 9, Hadley, MA  01035.

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